Monovarietal “Biancolilla”

Monovarietal “Biancolilla”


The “Bioncolilla” olive owes its name to the fact that the drupe goes from the light color of the unripe state (pea green) to the more lively (wine red) of maturity.

It is a highly vigorous plant. A very important aspect of its biology is that it is a self-fertile variety, and for this reason it is often associated with other self-sterile cultivars for cross-pollination, such as Nocellara del Belice.
It has an expansive crown and flexible, pendulous fruit branches with long internodes.
Productivity is quite alternating and the oil yield is around 16-18% of the weight of the harvest.

It is packaged in “dorica” type glass bottles of 0.250 liters, and 0.750 liters and in metal cans of 2.00 liters, 3.00 liters and 5.00 liters for the marketing of extra virgin olive oils in total safety and hygiene.

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