Extra virgin olive oil for children

Extra virgin olive oil for children

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the first ingredients for baby food, and babies are weaned because it is the fat that is best tolerated by a still undeveloped digestive system.

Our baby oil is an oil produced from the “Biancolilla” cultivar with an acidity that does not exceed 0.20 and to make it more digestible it is decanted and filtered.

Our “Biancolilla” monocultivar extra virgin olive oil for children, added raw (especially up to 2 years of age) in the first creams, soups and other meals:

  • helps the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K better;
  • protects the mucous membranes of the intestine and reduces gastric acidity and is very useful to counteract constipation by regulating all intestinal functions. Among other things it is also useful for the growth of the body, for the formation of bones and for the development of the nervous system;
  • rich in omega 3, really essential for improving brain function, for cellular composition, for developing neuro-psycho-motor actions and for the structuring of the retina.

The extra virgin olive oil, although decanted and filtered and with low acidity “Bincolilla” for children, is still a food rich in fats and with a very high energy value, therefore, it is advisable to respect the doses suggested by the pediatricians who should not exceed 2 teaspoons a day.